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Service partner in fire & security

A collaboration or aoverall solution for service, installation and assembly in fire & security.

"Your service partner in fire & security"

Swedish fire & property protection provides services for companies and private individuals. 

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Welcome to SBF Skydd - Your safe choice for a safer everyday life!


We are convinced that security is a fundamental matter of trust. Our company breathes innovation and malleability, and we always strive to be responsive and thorough in our work.

Our wide range of customized products and services aims to create a safer everyday life for everyone.


We understand that it's not just about delivering professionally executed security solutions that meet the industry's highest standards. For us, flexibility, anchoring and credibility are important cornerstones of our business.


Welcome to SBF Skydd, where your security is our main goal.

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Free fire safety review
Where we go through the following points

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Fire extinguisher

The own organization must carry out simpler self-checks of the fire protection, but it is also required that a more comprehensive service of the equipment is carried out every year.


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Fire alarm

In the Housing Authority's building regulations (BBR) there are requirements for automatic fire alarms in facilities and operations. 

In addition to that, the insurance company can also make demands.


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Evacuation possibilities

In Sweden, we are required to have an evacuation plan at every workplace. The legal requirement in the Work Environment Act requires that it must be clearly stated how to raise alarms and spaces in the event of a fire.


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According to the Accident Protection Act, all businesses must work systematically with their fire protection and have an appointed fire protection officer.


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Service & maintenance of

  • fire alarm,

  • Sprinkler,

  • burglar alarm,

  • cctv,

  • Passage system

  • Fire protection equipment

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Electrical installations & assembly for

  • Fire alarm

  • Burglar alarm

  • CCTV

  • Passage system

  • Central changes

  • Computer network

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Customized and shaped trainings for companies - CPR, evacuation, fire protection, threats & violence, crisis management

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Innovative and successful overall solutions for housing associations and property companies in fire and security


Design & drawings for

  • New production

  • About - and extension

  • VA drawings

  • Electrical drawings 

  • Evacuation plans


Product and material for fire protection & security that is always approved and certified according to the industry's rules and standards

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