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We are your rescue when it comes to protecting life and property. With our integrated solution for fire and water protection, we offer a state-of-the-art, connected platform that not only ensures your safety, but can also save lives.


Our comprehensive service includes everything - from installation to regular service and maintenance of all types of fire equipment. With us as your complete supplier, you can be sure that your security is in the best hands.


Trust us to create a safe and secure environment in your home. With our solution, you are more than just protected – you are connected to the future of security.


Protection & security

Fire & water protection

We at SBF Skydd provide comprehensive solutions in terms of fire and water protection for all types of properties. We have extensive experience with references to prove that our system works on all properties regardless of size. Everything is wireless and innovative with a 10-year product warranty. The most innovative thing about our system is that in our fire alarm there is a built-in temperature gauge, so you always have an eye on the exact temperature of the room. This means that the property manager is facilitated by the system in the event of an error report that it is too cold in the apartment. We offer connection to the alarm center with action by our guards or technicians around the clock.

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Camera surveillance / CCTV

SBF Skydd offers camera surveillance with action for condominium associations and property companies that wish to protect spaces that are sensitive and protected from public view. This increases security and reduces the risk of illegal activity taking place in these areas. With a connection to an alarm center with guard call, you can feel secure that we always have an overview of what is happening.


Service & maintenance

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Service of fire equipment

As part of systematic fire protection, fire protection equipment must be regularly maintained. This applies regardless of product and location. The own organization must carry out simpler self-checks of the fire protection, but it is also required that a more comprehensive service of the equipment is carried out every year. Send a request to take part in our no-nonsense fire protection review.


Facility manager

We at SBF Skydd are dedicated to ensuring that your fire protection is in top condition. We understand that every installation has one common requirement: a responsible facility manager. This person needs to be trained and qualified to perform regular maintenance and service, and is not necessarily the same person who installed the equipment. We go one step further when it comes to taking care of your fire protection. Instead of the usual single visit per year, we offer four visits annually to ensure that your facility is operating optimally. We also have on-call service and the option to report errors during our regular working hours, so you can feel safe around the clock. We understand the importance of you as a property owner or tenant keeping track of your equipment. Each business has its own unique requirements, which is why we always offer free visits to check and adapt your fire protection to your specific needs. Safety is our top priority, and our team of trained staff are ready to provide you with the best fire protection service. Take the next step to ensure the safety of your facility by submitting a request for our free fire safety review. We look forward to working with you to ensure your facility is in the best possible condition.


Service & maintenance of smoke hatches

We are experts in fire protection checks of smoke hatches, also known as fire ventilators. Our work includes a comprehensive service that includes function checks, thorough maintenance, professional repair and accurate documentation. Our highly qualified fire protection technicians are fully familiar with the latest regulations and recommendations from authorities, insurance companies and trade associations. This means you can trust that your fire protection is in safe hands and complies with the highest standards. We can also help you with the delivery and installation of new smoke dampers, ensuring that your facility is equipped with the latest in fire protection technology. In addition to our inspection services, we also offer specialized fire sealing and fire protection painting. We know that fire safety is paramount, and our team is ready to ensure that your facility is fully equipped to meet the highest safety standards. Whether you need a fire safety check, a new smoke hatch, fire sealing or fire protection painting, we are your reliable partner. Contact us today to ensure that your facility is protected against the risk of fire in the best possible way.

More services


We are approved and included in the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority. This means that we as a company can offer our customers a complete solution from the installation of an electrical center to charging stations. 

On-call readiness

We are on call for properties where our technicians / security guards have the knowledge and training to carry out emergency measures that are a danger to life and property. 


Our architects and designers carry out drawings for both properties, VA drawings, EL drawings, but mainly for evacuation plans.

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