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Facility manager

These installations have a common requirement, that there must be a facility manager who is responsible for operation and maintenance on a regular basis. A facility manager does not need to be appointed by the installation company/installation company that performed the installation. The requirement is that a trained and authorized facility operator performs service and maintenance. We at SBF protection provide trained personnel within these categories. We always carry out 4 visits per year to constantly ensure and follow up the function of the facility, with both service and maintenance. We at SBS also have an on-call service and the possibility to report errors during regular working hours. A construction company usually makes one visit per year. Therefore, it is important that you, as a property owner or tenant, keep an eye on your equipment. As for your specific business, we at SBF protection always offer free visits to check your fire protection. Send a request to take part in our no-nonsense fire protection review

Service of fire equipment

As part of systematic fire protection, fire protection equipment must be regularly maintained. This applies regardless of product and location. The own organization must carry out simpler self-checks of the fire protection, but it is also required that a more comprehensive service of the equipment is carried out every year. Send a request to take part in our no-nonsense fire protection review.

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Service & maintenance of smoke hatches

We carry out fire protection checks of smoke hatches (fire ventilators). The work includes function control, maintenance, repair and documentation. Our professional fire protection technicians carry out the work according to current regulations and recommendations from authorities, insurance companies and trade associations. We supply and install new smoke hatches. Where check-in is required, this is done by authorized personnel. We carry out Fireproofing & Fireproof painting.

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